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Weather Routing consultancy

Weather Routing service is made to help sailors in their real time navigation decisions. How often did you want to verify your plan with routing expert? Now you can.

The idea is to consult your decisions with our Weather Routing expert Adam Michel. Adam wrote few books about Weather Routing – for years he has been promoting routing knowledge among sailors. You can read about him here.
Adam uses analytical routing software parametrised exactly to your needs and Adam’s best practices. Finally you get optimal route for particular sailing case.

Our service might be important whenever you:
– have troubles with getting correct GRIB files or your Internet access is week or expensive
– the routing decision is risky
– you’re late and you need to select the fastest route
– you don’t use weather routing software.

The process works as follows:

1. Fill the form below and click Send

2. Our Weather routing expert Adam Michel receives your filled form and begins the analysis.

3. Weather routing expert applies current weather GRIB files from best sailing weather data sources.

4. Weather routing expert chooses Polar Plot for your boat (we have polar plots for 1500 types of yachts – what is polar plot?)

5. The analysis is conducted in qtVLM software. qtVLM is parametrised to handle exact needs of the Sailor (you)

6. When the analysis is done, you receive an email with results as: the map with optimised route + waypoints data + Adam’s comments.

7. Additional email discussion with Weather Routing expert if needed. We give professional recommendations but you make final decisions.

8. When the decision is made you may use the results to set the route in your navigation system as waypoints sequence.

Limitations: the consultancy is provided 1 time per day per 1 Sailor. If you want more intense support, please contact us ( or xploria chat) – we will discuss special conditions and price for you.

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You need to have 30-days Premium subscription to use Weather Routing